If Your Political Campaign Got Hit By An Attack Ad

fight back with SpeakEasy Digital Ads

If your campaign just got hit, it’s time to hit back. SpeakEasy Digital can help you fight back fast with our pre-loaded digital banners that you can modify, target, and deploy in just hours. We’ve secured additional premium inventory, and with SpeakEasy Digital your campaign gains access to the big digital ad exchanges you need to build…

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Political Digital Fact of the Day: Many Subjects – But One Message – for Your Political Online Campaign Strategy

Political online campaign strategy

We have worked hard to present to you just how simple this really is. But, here’s the hardest part of running a coherent online campaign.

You are telling a story in many, many parts—and it is easy for you to get lost in all this and forget to help your voters hear a coherent narrative. If you are getting lost, just imagine how the voters feel.

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Political Digital Fact of the Day: Digital Revived Direct Mail for Campaigns

Political direct mail

Because it can be targeted, because it can allow voters to respond immediately, and because it is in general a lower-cost tool than traditional advertising, digital ads are taking off in politics and are a larger and larger portion of a winning campaign’s overall budget.

But be careful. You need to consider your “media mix”.

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Political Digital Fact of the Day: Yes, Your Grandmother is on Facebook

Facebook campaign for political candidates

At this point, your Grandmother might be more likely to be on Facebook than your 18-year-old niece. They can both vote. So the idea that social media is just for young voters just isn’t borne out by the facts.

Young people are increasingly opting out of traditional cable and watch less and less traditional broadcast television, which means social and digital media are more and more vital for reaching voters under age 40. But that doesn’t mean older voters are not on social media or can’t be reached by digital channels.

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Political Digital Fact of the Day: You Need to Be (Almost) Everywhere Online

Strategy for online digital political campaign

According to the researchers at PEW, 77% of American voters are online every day. And in addition, 43% are online several times a day, while 26% reported being online nearly constantly. Building up organic followers through high-traffic sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allows you to create an audience you can communicate with, for free, on your schedule.

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Political Digital Fact of the Day: It’s All About Content

campaign media strategy content

Does a spam email make you want to buy a product? Are you just thrilled to get a pre-recorded robocall from someone you don’t know? What about an unsolicited text?

You get the point. If unsolicited and irrelevant content annoys you, it is going to annoy voters when you do it to them.

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Political Digital Fact of the Day: Our First Edition for First-Time Candidates and Campaign Managers

Digital Media E-Book for Political Campaigns and Political Campaign Volunteers

If a voter called to volunteer on your campaign, you would call them back right away and thank them and plug them into the campaign—right?

When a supporter makes a donation, you immediately thank them if you want to ever get another donation from that supporter—and keep a friend. When someone leaves you a voicemail, you work hard to return that call the very same day. When you talk to voters, you try to remember the names of spouses, where the kids go to school and what they mentioned when you knocked on their door last.

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21 Ways to Win Your Political Campaign in the Next 21 Days.

Election Polls

This is it – three weeks before Election Day and now things are getting serious. In most states, ballots are already being cast. Your campaign is in crunch time – and you are asking the question – “what do I need to do to win my political campaign?”

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Do You Know the Voter Registration Deadline in Your State?

voter registration deadline gotv get out the vote

Voter registration deadlines are coming fast with Election Day on November 6th almost here. Political campaigns are in the homestretch now and the approaching cut off for registration is an important message to use in your Get Out The Vote efforts. Urgency is an effective motivator of human choice, and there’s nothing like a ticking clock…

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Most Candidates Get This Wrong In Their Political Campaigns

Buy digital ad space

Here’s the very bad news – most political campaigns are buying their digital advertising in a way that means higher rates, limited reach and poor access to premium inventory. And in a close race, these mistakes could be the difference between winning and losing.

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5 Things That Have Changed on Facebook in the Last 5 Months

Changes to Facebook's advertising platform

With over two billion users on Facebook each month and 500 million “Instagrammers” every day, Facebook and its affiliate platforms are increasingly becoming the most sought after platforms to advertise and connect with an audience through paid digital media. However, in recent months, there have been a number of changes to Facebook’s advertising platform and political advertising sector…

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Follow the Money

campaign fundraising

Here is the hard truth – the campaign that raises the most money almost always wins – as in 91% of the time in Congressional races, and even more often in down-ballot elections.

It isn’t just that more money means more ways to drive your message, although that certainly helps. Raising an army of donors means a campaign is generating an army of validators, volunteers and supporters willing to amplify your message.

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10 Takeaways in 20 Minutes to Power Your Digital Program

SpeakEasy Digital Program Webinar

We recently received tons of positive feedback from SpeakEasy’s digital program webinar, What to Get Right & What Can Go Wrong in Your Digital Program This Cycle. This inspired us to create another webinar that highlights 10 of the most essential aspects of any digital campaign. We hope that these takeaways will give you actionable advice to…

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