Why Digital Advertising

9 Reasons to Run a Digital Ad Campaign


It’s Where Your Voters Are

  • Americans spend about 50% more time browsing on their digital devices than watching TV.
  • This is a 53% increase in digital use from 2011.
Time spent on digital devices
Voter targeting


Target Like Direct Mail — But Better

Get the right messages to your target audiences without wasting money reaching people who don’t vote.


You Get Immediate Responses

It allows voters to connect with you as supporters and donors.

Immediate Response from ads
Cost effective political ads


It’s Cost-Effective

You can launch for a small sum, ideal for small campaign budgets or for campaigns looking to spend last-minute money in the final push before Election Day.


It’s Faster

You can have a new digital program in front of voters in a matter of hours, while TV and mail campaigns take days.

Faster Response with Digital ads
Political Digital Ad Spending has Increased Drastically sine 2012


Your Competitors
Are Doing It

If you think your competitors aren’t investing in digital advertising, guess again. Political digital ad spending keeps going up. $1 billion dollars was spent on digital advertising during the 2016 election cycle.


It’s How Bernie Got His Boost

“More than 40% of money raised early in Bernie Sanders’ campaign came from digital ads.”

Keegan Goudiss, New York Times
Bernie Sanders
Barack Obama


It Helped Obama Win in 2008 and 2012

“Barack Obama spent 10% of his overall campaign budget in 2008 on digital ads and upped it to 15% in 2012.”

TheStreet.com, June 2016


Digital Advertising Dominates Well Beyond Politics

“Other industries spend between 30-50% of their ads budget on digital media.”

Wired.com, Aug. 2015
Digital Spending Trends

Questions to Ask Yourself

Is your campaign advertising now?

Do you know who you’re reaching?

Are they registered?

Are they in your district?

Are they Democrats?

Digital Advertising Answers Those Questions
SpeakEasy Digital allows you to target unique messages to specific voters for a fraction of the cost of typical print or broadcast campaign spending (where your return on investment is hazy at best).

give it a try!

One of the biggest changes of this election cycle will be that local government candidates are going to start employing the same programmatic advertising techniques as brands. While this technical expertise has previously been limited to big-time presidential and congressional campaigns, a number of smaller technology firms have cropped up over the past several years with the intention of making it easier for political organizations with small budgets to execute highly targeted online campaigns.

Adweek Feb. 2016​​​​​​​

Digital Advertising Is the Most Cost Effective Way to Win

1. You’ll Throw a Voter Bullseye —
With Every Campaign
Don’t underestimate the power of online targeting. Typical ad buys like TV, print and radio are for a generalized audience — digital advertising reaches the exact voters you want to reach.
2. It’s Budget-FriendlyDigital advertising campaigns can be launched with us for as little as $750 — ideal for small campaign budgets or for campaigns looking to spend last-minute money in the final push before Election Day.